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(TRIGGER) I'm loosing my mind, I'm loosing control
I'm losing control
We have no sharp objects
I remember when I was whole
All I can think about is what the monster inside might do next
I can't tell if I just want attention or if I'm depressed
I'm loosing control, I just want to scream
People assume that I'm just stressed
When will my nightmares turn back into dreams?
I sit here, blinded by the pain
I squint, trying to see through the haze
I've always been kept on a chain
But this isn't just a phase
I'm loosing my mind
I'm loosing control
My head is spinning, trying to unwind
I'm just another tainted soul
Everything is about beauty
I've never fit in
My wrists are scarred with their cruelty
I spend my days tearing open my skin
I remember when I was whole
The world is spinning, trying to unwind
I'm loosing control
I'm loosing my mind
I just want to scream
I just want to die
All that I do is dream
It's time to say good-bye
:icongleekabel:Gleekabel 1 1
It's always your mind
You can never run from your own mind
It’s your mind that burns, cuts and kills you
Your mind was transformed into this hell
It’s your mind that is always giving you a bad review
From bullies, family or just walking down a long never-ending dark tunnel
You’ll never succeed
You feel so alone
So, you sit there to bleed
You wear smiles and laughs like shoes
For you love is undreamed of
You’re never alone
One day you’ll fly up and raise above
:icongleekabel:Gleekabel 10 0
Simple, easy
"It gets better" they say with a smile
"You'll find someone new" they lie with a hopeless promise
My question is simple, easy
When will my sad excuse for a life get better?
When will I find someone new?
I'm always asking that one question
The answer is simple, easy
I haven't felt okay in months
I haven't erased what happened from my mind
I can't forget the way you made me feel
I can't erase my feelings
I'm always holding that blade
I'm always resisting it calling my name
It gets harder and harder each minute of everyday
I'm so sick of my life
I'm so sick of my fake smile
I'm so sick of waiting
They're right, though
It does get better...
After you die
Simple, easy
:icongleekabel:Gleekabel 4 6
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I'm always making promises that I won't keep
I promised her, then I promised her, then I told her, then I promised him
I knew I wouldn't keep these promises, I knew I would slip and I would give in
But then I promised you
I can't break this one, I can't
Promises, I swear they're meant to be broken
You don't understand
The little things add up, they add up quickly
The promises that I won't slice open my wrist are the hardest
People tell me their secrets and promises because apparently I don't have enough of my own keeping me up at night
I try so hard to be a good friend and listen
I try so hard to keep that fucking smile plastered on my face
I try so hard because if I let go, I might never come back
I try to stay strong
:icongleekabel:Gleekabel 3 2
Baby, there you go talking to her again
She knows I love you
You broke my heart so please, kill me now
Tears roll down, down my face
Wishing you'd come around
Baby, take a gun and shoot me here
Make it pierce through my broken and scarred heart
Sweep my body my body away and burn it
I'll be reborn and we'll love again
I dream for the day your lips will be on mine
Your hand entangled in mine
Your eyes so clueless
You don't know I love you
You don't have a clue
But why have me when she is there
You love her, I'm sire
You love her, but not how I love you
But you don't have a clue
I hope you read this one day
Just so you know how much pain you caused me
How much I loved you
How much I wanted you to love me
Just so you know, you were my everything
Baby, I hope you see through her
Baby, I wish I had told you
:icongleekabel:Gleekabel 1 2
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Tear Drops
Tear Drops run down my face
They feel my pain and sorrow
Down, down they roll
Just as confused as I am
Why'd you say it?
What have you been turned into?
Was it something I did?
Was it something I said?
Now you don't even talk to me
Not to mention look at me
I'm invisible and you don't care
You think you're the only one with problems
You're not.
You think it's only you with family trouble
You're not.
You think that I'll take you back in a second
You're wrong.
My heart is broken and scattered all around
Only to be fixed by you
It won't happen though
I'm done.
I'm through.
:icongleekabel:Gleekabel 3 0
Untitled by Gleekabel Untitled :icongleekabel:Gleekabel 1 0
Please ask before using my work for anything~


Hand by chizzel Hand :iconchizzel:chizzel 16 11
Smile, Darling
Hey there.
Yes, you over there.
Has anyone told you lately that you look great?
Yes, with your morning hair. Your “chopstick” limbs. Those things you call fat. Your skin with all the blemishes which make you shine brighter. Your eyes which shine like the stars.
I want to say that you look beautiful, and that you shouldn’t worry about what you look like.
What do you mean you’re a terrible person?
Oh, is it because of the intense jealousy for those who have things you don’t have?
Or maybe because you feel immensely insecure of your wonderful self? Or maybe because you take out that anger and sadness on something? Or is it because you’ve only been getting negative feedback from others? Is it because you can’t fulfill your own duties?
Here’s one thing I should tell you, darling.
Put down that blade.
Throw those pills down the sink.
Drop that bottle of liquor you’ve got there.
Let those tears fall.
:iconstellaclaire:stellaclaire 27 9
Self Harm II
Cut on my leg, blood on my wrist.
Towel beneath me, scissors in my fist.
I hold my breath and gasp in pain.
Blood falls, in a crimson rain.
Strawberry gashes all over my wrist.
It’s out of love, that I do this.
Hide my pain, under a scarf.
And tomorrow I’ll pretend to smile and laugh.
:icontonya-rawr:tonya-rawr 69 6
Self Harm
When you look into the mirror
See that person staring back
You know that it's not who you were
And slowly start to crack
That person has become you
You can feel it in your veins
The moment overtakes you
And to take away your pain...
You hate the person you've become
But there's nothing left to do
The nightmare's just beginning so
You have to see it through
The pain you're feeling has to end
Everyone around you lied
It consumes your very mortal soul
It burns you deep inside...
So reach for the vodka
Reach for the blade
Knock back yet another shot
Without the lemonade
Apply the pressure, break the skin
You're going round the bend
Feel the blood rush from within
This torture has to end...
You slowly crawl back to your bed
And cover up the stains
Noisy voices in your head
Distract you from the pain
You don't know what's worth living for
Or why you're still alive
You wish the pain would go away
You wish that you would die...
So reach for the vodka
Reach for the blade
Knock back yet another
:iconabsynthe-kisses:absynthe-kisses 559 249
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I'm a Dauntless Whovian who is from District 3 and lives in Camp Halfblood, training to become the avatar. I work part time as a consulting detective and I enjoy going on adventures in Aperture Laboratories with my cat, Cake. My preferred form of travel is by the TARDIS or Enterprise.
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